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A lot of this year’s CiscoLive! theme continues to build upon CiscoLive! 2017.  We heard a lot about Cisco’s DNA Center and Software-Define Access.  Here is the overview from Cisco’s e-Book on Software-Define Access.

Cisco’s Software-Defined Access (or SD-Access) solution is a programmable network architecture that provides software-based policy and segmentation from the edge of the network to the applications. SD-Access is implemented via Cisco Digital Network Architecture Center (DNA Center) which provides design settings, policy definition and automated provisioning of the network elements, as well as assurance analytics for an intelligent wired and wireless network.”

Time-Lapse Drawing of the Underlay “Traditional Network” and the Overlay Network with VXLAN.

Software-Defined Networking:


Cisco’s e-Book Software-Define Access

Cisco Validated Design – SD-Access

Cisco Live – On Demand Library

  • Cisco SD-Access – A Look Under the Hood – BRKCRS-2810
  • Cisco SD-Access – External Connectivity – BRKCRS-2811
  • Cisco SD-Access – Migration – BRKCRS-2812
  • Cisco SD-Access – Monitoring and Troubleshooting – BRKCRS-2813
  • Cisco SD-Access – Assurance – BRKCRS-2814
  • Cisco SD-Access – Policy – BRKCRS-3811
  • Cisco SD-Access – Wireless Integration – BRKEWN-2020
  • Cisco SD-Access – DC Integration – BRKDCN-2489
  • Cisco Cat 9K – Architectural View – BRKARC-2035

TechWise TV / Cisco YouTube Channels •

DNA Center: Software-Defined Access – Webinar •

There are plenty of Videos explaining SD-Access:

My Favorite video is from Tech Field Day with Shawn Wargo.

Tech Field Day @ Cisco Live 2017 Playlist


SD-Access Youtube Playlist

Underlay Network vs Overlay Network

Tech Field Day – CiscoLive! 2018


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