LAN Turtle from Hak5

Overview: USB 100MB Ethernet Man in the Middle Device

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  • LAN Turtle Classic $44.99
  • LAN Turtle SD $54.99
  • LAN Turtle 3G $249.99

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Windows Putty – Port 22 SSH Default

Windows Translation – Remote Character Set – ISO-8859-1:1998 (Latin-1, West Europe)

Default Settings: Username: root   Password: sh3llz   IP:

Modules – QucikCreds, autossh, clomac, cron, ddnsc, dns-spoof, dnsmasq-spoof, follow-file, iodine, keymanager, meterpreter, meterpreter-https, meterpreter-sl, netcat-revshell, nmap-scan, openvpn, ptunnel, responder, script2email, script2http, sshfs, tortle, turtledump, upnp-portfwd, urlsnarf

Manual Upgrade

Download the latest UPDATE file from


Hak5 Videos

LAN Turtle Playlist

Snagging Creds From Locked Machines With a LAN turtle – Hak5 2104

LAN Turtle 101 – First Boot and Software Update

LAN Turtle 102 – The Turtle Shell and Turtle Modules

LAN Turtle 103 – Metasploit and LAN Turtle with Meterpreter

LAN Turtle 104 – Persistent Shell Access with AutoSSH

LAN Turtle 105 – Remote File Systems with SSHFS

LAN Turtle 106 – Man in the Middle with URLSnarf

LAN Turtle 107 – Man in the Middle DNSSpoof

Introducing the LAN Turtle – Hak5 1824



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