Cisco’s DNA Components vs Marvel™ Characters?

What if Cisco’s DNA Components were named after Marvel™ Characters?

DNA Center = Jarvis™

DNA Center is the main command center and brains hind the operation.  Therefore, this is similar to the all-knowing Jarvis.

ISE = Thanos™

ISE (Identity Service Engine) is the policy enforcer deciding what to do with each device and it’s allowed or denied.  This is similar to Thanos and a snap of his fingers.

Analytics Engine = Dr. Strange™

The Analytics Engine is a Data Collection engine working on Correlations of events.  This is similar to Dr. Strange and his many different calculations of Timed Events

Fabric Border Nodes = Avengers™

Fabric Border Nodes are multiple devices that have one leg in the Fabric and one leg on the outside.  I would call this group of devices the Avengers as they act a normal people and Super Heros.

Control Plane Node = S.H.I.E.L.D™

The Control Plane Node maps endpoints to device relationships.  Keeps track of everyone.  Therefore this would be S.H.I.E.L.D.

Wireless LAN Controller = Captain America™

The Wireless LAN Controller feeds device intel to Control Plane Node.  The nickname for the Wireless Engineer at my work is “Cap”.  Therefore, Captain America is a good fit as his shield is used often as everyone blames the wireless for their one device even though 3000 other devices are active on the wireless grid.


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