Bash Bunny from Hak5

Overview: USB Device that has 2 arming devices containing payloads that you can add to it.  When you plug in the device it is detected as a trusted device like a keyboard or mouse.

Price $99.99

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  • Default Settings: Username: root   Password: hak5bunny   IP:  DHCP Range
  • Serial Console with Putty: COM# and 115200 for speed


Hak5 Videos

Bash Bunny Playlist

Introducing the Bash Bunny – Hak5 2125

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Concealed Exfiltration – Pocket Network Attacks with the Bash Bunny – Hak5 2202

Bash Bunny Development: Behind the Scenes – Hack Across the Planet – Hak5 2204

Bash Bunny Primer – Hak5 2225

The Bash Bunny 1990’s Prank – Hak5 2226

Bash Bunny Backdoor on Linux! – Hak5 2301

Bash Bunny: Reverse Shells on Linux! – Hak5 2302

Bash Bunny Extensions! – Hak5 2303

Operating System Detection with the Bash Bunny and A Heartfelt Goodbye – Hak5 2304

Password Grabber Bash Bunny Payload – Hak5 2305

Bash Bunny Phishing Attack With Hamsters – Hak5 2306




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